05 June 2011

Week of 5/6: Grocery List - Lobsters and Bikes

The Groceries: $55

Tomatoes / crème fraîche / cream cheese / smoked salmon 
Pancake mix / lobster (2) / Spinach / Chicken (pet food for KGB)
Rice / Small Can Diced Tomatoes / Red Pepper 
Berries / Yogurts (on sale) / Almond Milk 
Juice / Waffles 

Lobsters $32

I have named my new lobsters - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (a little shout out to my friend Stetson).
Soon they will go into this pot.

Last thing on the Grocery List: A Road Bike. We bought this at The Bike Club this morning. Its an early birthday gift for CJ. (his birthday is in August) This will allow him to cross train now. I am happy to make him happy. He is such a cutie.