21 July 2010

Food Catch Up

Ham and Cheese for lunch a few days ago. It felt like a was eating gold! This sandwich doesnt look like much but it was so good! 
Breakfast yesterday - I was in a buttered toast mood. 
I have been poaching eggs for 3 days, and I still can't get the knack of it with these silicone cups. If anyone has any tips, I would really appreciate it.  

19 July 2010

Weigh-In Day ...Ok Ok I know I am late

So I bought this silicone egg poacher cups from Sur La Table. Because I fry my eggs and I really should be doing less of that. I think I am not doing it right because it cooked for over 10 min and the very top was still not done. 10 sec in the Microwave sealed the deal.
Honestly, Almond milk has basically replaced real milk in my house. Sometimes I buy real milk for a recipe if I need it. Use this for pancakes, its a mazing. I used it in my Chai this morning, then because its sweet I dont need to add sugar.

So I am on an antibiotic that makes me feel pretty sick all the time. I ate this morning because I knew I would need fuel to get me thru the morning but I was so not feeling it. I would say on the scale I started at a 5 (Neutral, not really full or hungry) and I finished at a 7(Hunger is def gone but I good def eat more)

Now I did weigh-in on friday:  139 pounds, 3 pounds down from when I started. and I didnt do any exercise last week because I had been sick. Just goes to show that only eating when you are hungry works. You just have to listen to your body.


More Breakfast....and some Turtle (which I did not have for breakfast)

Breakfast, everywhere.

I should be taking pictures of all my meals but it never seems to happen. I always just get breakfast in there. So here is a breakfast montage...and a few of the KGB.

14 July 2010

when lazy wins

Yes, I ate popcorn for dinner.

Don't judge me.

Sick today

After a nap and a little lunch, I am feeling a bit better but still pretty tired. 
I just saw New Moon. I am not really on the Twilight bandwagon but when I watch them I think "damn why is this so good"

ps. I am on Team Jacob. 

09 July 2010

Exercise at what Time?!?!

So I have started to head out with CJ when he does his long runs on the weekend (he is training for a marathon). Because I clearly cannot run 7 miles (or half a mile).....(or across the street)....I take my bike. I love doing this. Riding a bike is fun and it reminds me of my childhood and it doesnt hurt that much of the trail we use is flat or slightly downhill.
Today he calls me at says, yeah if I am going to get my run in tomorrow, we need to go really early.

What is really early exactly? We already leave at 9am on a Saturday Morning! How much earlier does he want to go!?! I didnt even ask him on the phone for fear that it would depress me that rest of my day. I will continue under the illusion that I am still one of those people who can sleep in on the weekends.

Its Friday, weigh in day!

You know, I had the best intensions to post lunch and dinner yesterday but it did not happen. I did however get breakfast in this moring: Looks good doesn't it. On the hunger scale I started at a 4 and finished about 7. I didnt eat it all, I am thinking maybe I should start with one half an english muffin, that may result in less waste and if i want the other half, well in the toaster it will go!

Also, on an exercise update, EA Sports Active: More Workouts kicked my behind last night! I did the 30 min step class on medium and then my 6 week challenge workout. One hour and 400 glorious calories later. I felt good. Its a different work out everyday. My only gripe, lots of lunges. I have lunged so much in the past week and a half. I should have thighs of steel soon!

Ok so its that time of the week. Weigh-in Day! My nutritionist said I should only weigh myself once a week. So friday is going to be my day.
and the number is (drum roll) : 140.6 pounds

Go Me!

08 July 2010

Summer Sizzle

I am not going to lie, I love this summer heat. 82 degrees outside at 7:30am. (Temperature  was courtesy of my Prius)

Dear Mother Nature,
Please hold off the snow as long as possible.

Thank you.

Nutritionist Visit

I just met with my new Nutritionist yesterday. After an hour long conversation, I have a few short term tasks to complete:

1. I am to get off the scale. I am only to weigh in once a week. Fat does not change day to day. Salt and dehydration do. Stop torturing myself.
2. I need to exercise. If I want to lose weight, then I am going to have to find ways to be active. Do stuff that I like, as "being active" is a life long pursuit. I have already been pretty active ( for me anyway) so I think I can handle this one.
3. STOP counting calories. It is clearly getting me nowhere.
4. I must keep a food log, she gave me a template where I have to graph my hunger. (it is much easier than it sounds)

I will write down what I eat and how hungry I was when I ate it and how satisfied I was when I finished.

The scale looks a little like this

0 – Starving and beyond -->10 – Thanksgiving Full

My goal is to eat at a 3 (I am hungry and the urge to eat is strong) and stop eating at a 7(Hunger is definitely, Stop here and you may not feel hungry again for 3 to 4 hours).

We also went over some ideas about what would be good breakfast and lunch ideas. She noticed that I am not eating enough in the first 8 hours of the day, so I need to beef that us and possibly eat a smaller dinner. I am to meet with her again on the 21st.

So here goes:
Breakfast: Scale: 4 (A little hungry. I can wait to eat but I know I will be getting hungrier soon