02 June 2011

And that's a day folks...

This mornig I woke up late and had to prep for tonights dinner. I just recently bought the Cuisinart PSC 400 4Qt Slow Cooker. I wanted to make my Any Bean Chili in it so it would be ready when we got home. So there was no time for breakfast at home.

When I got to work, I headed down to the Caf and got this

Some low fat cherry vanilla granola cereal with skim. And a cafe com leite. (basically half coffee, half skim milk)
The cereal wasn't as good as I would have liked so I pitched it. My motto is to never eat anything that I am not really enjoying.

For Lunch, We hit the Indian Buffet as another Farewell to my co-worker Alex. I have consumed a lot of  calories for him this week. I have to check out a few other blogs to see how others are handling eating out.


Chili in my new slow cooker.

Dinner on our Balcony

AnyBean Chili - Recipe to Follow

I cut up corn tortillas and bake in the oven to make my own chips

Finished off with 2 scoops of Trader Joe's IceCream.

And thats a day folks.

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