20 May 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere

This is a TMI, but it leads me into my new project. Yesterday I had a UTI. Ick, I know. Well, I took those little pain pills (the ones that make you pee bright orange) to get me thru before I met with the doctor to get my antibiotic. Big Mistake. As i was making the appt, the doctor's office told me that those pills skew the test and we would not get an accurate read which meant no antibiotics!

The office said, drink as much water as you can to flush it out of your system and we will have you come in later this afternoon.

I drank 120 oz of water yesterday. Did it work? Yes it did. So it got me thinking, how much water do i really drink a day. Not much, maybe a glass or two. So I am on a mission, I am going to try to put back 64oz of water everyday - I can't say that the 120 oz thing will repeat itself, I was in crisis.

Lets see if all the water hype is true shall we. Also, this moring, even the KGB was in on the act. He is drinking more water as well.

17 May 2010

Quote of the Day

this was the quote of the day on google:
Quote of the Day - William Osler -
"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."

I pretty sure he is right.

16 May 2010

Thinking about a Nap.

I love lazy Sundays, I am sitting on my anti-gravity chair outside on my balcony sipping coffee and writing this...

5 min Later.
As i was writing that first sentence, I managed to spill coffee all over myself and my laptop. More got on me, thank goodness, so it was out of my chair, wiped down the keys and I tossed my clothes in the wash. Now where was I. Ah yes, lazy sundays.
Yesterday, we received a much anticipated package in the mail.  A Roomba! Yes folks, any things that will allow me to clean less is ok in my book. We bought it off ebay and set it up yesterday to charge. Because it hadnt been charged for some time it needed a 16 hour charge to be fully up and running. So this morning, like 2 little kids on Christmas morning, CJ and I bounded up from bed and headed for the kitchen where the roomba now "lives". The work CLEAN on the machine was lit up in green which mean it was ready to go. We hit the button and it was off! Cleaning tile, hard wood, and carpet. The stuff it was picking up off the floor. Well, I dont really want to talk about it but it was gross. Let me say that our floors at first glance dont look very dirty, but boy oh boy am I glad this machine is now in my corner.

Our pet turtle, the KGB is not a fan however. We let him roam about the apartment and the roomba will detect him and clean around him but I am pretty sure the KGB things its trying to kill him.

Since we didnt have to sweep/vacuum/swiffer, CJ and I quickly cleaned the kitchen and make a little breakfast - One egg, One toast, 2 pieces of Bacon, and an orange. It was filling and I feel just comfortable enough that I may take a nap. Well, once the roomba is done cleaning my bedroom of course.