Day Three

Its day three.

Yes I know I missed day two, let me give you the run down of yesterday and then I will update you on today.

Lets see how did my day start:

Breakfast: Berry smoothie made with greek yogurt and honey
Lunch: the remaining south west chicken from last night
Dinner: Salmon and mixed veggies, a slice of Ezekiel break (flourless, and really yummy)

I went to the gym and weighed in – I am down a pound from 144 to 143. It’s a start.

I did the elliptical for 24 minutes with an average heart rate of 155.

Today, CJ and I got up early for breakfast burritos. It was full out cooking this morning sautéed garlic and spinach scrambled egg whites (ok I used two yellows, but only for color), diced tomatoes and pepperjack cheese on a corn tortilla.

Lunch was almond basil tomatoes sauce to which I added the left over diced mixed veggies, and 10 shrimp (5 each).

Dinner tonight is set to be two pork loins, 5 oz each and steamed green beans (the real ones where you cut the ends off)

I have an Emeril Steamer, which has to be one of the best kitchen appliances I own. You just fill this thing with water

And it steams like a dream. I do my carrots, broccoli, tunips, radishes, everything that you can steam. The green beans with go in this tonight and the pork chops with go into my hamiton beach (forman style) grill. That thing is very old. I am actually in the market for a new one and would be happy to take suggestions on what you think are the best grills out there.

I went to the gym again today, I did some interval training on the treadmill, alternating walking and jogging. The elliptical has been giving my knees some trouble so I wanted to change it up today. Its really not so much my knees but the area right above my knees – is that a muscle, I have no idea. Anyhow, I wanted to give it a little rest so treadmill it was.

My average heart rate was a little lower this time around, about 136. My friend K. says that I should be between 60 and 80 percent of my max heart rate.

How do you find your max heart rate? Easy, take 220 and subtract you age from it.


Oh I almost forgot, I had a guilty pleasure today. It’s free pastry day every Wednesday at work. I ate a corner of a scone. I know, I had healthier snacks but I really wanted it. It was just a bit larger than a golf ball. So I am not perfect.


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