Craigslist crazy

I would like to start off and say that I really do love craigslist, I have bought some great items from the site, we practically furnished CJ's old apartment with stuff from there. However, that was craigslist Boston, now I am contending with craigslist DC, a whole new breed of craigslisters. These lovely folks are an interesting bunch.
Example One: Looking for apatments - We emailed several people regarding apartments and most replied to us in a timely manor except for this one Lady. We emailed her on Jan 2, to which she replied right away. Perfect. She said "hey you can see the place on Jan 3rd just let me know what time" To which we promptly replied back figuring she would send another email with the property address.

Nope. Nothing. We assumed that someone had contacted her before us and took the apartment.

3 weeks later, I get an email from her, telling me that she found a possible renter last night but if they didnt pass the credit check that she would call us to view the apartment.

What?!? Was she serious?

Example Two: I had mentioned that I was selling my bike on craigslist ealier this week, well I got two calls the night I posted it (sunday). The first girl called and said that she really wants the bike but could I hold it till Wednesday as that is the ealiest she can come by ....oh and I need to bring it to her at the train station because she has no "wheels". The next call was another girl who said she could come get it right now. Being a good and just person I told girl #2 that girl #1 called first and I am holding it for her, should she not want it would you like me to contact you again. Girl #2 says great!

Well yesterday was wednesday (I have been holding this bike since sunday) and I am to meet girl #1 at the train station at 6pm.
4:50pm I get a text - Girl #1: Um, so how many gears does that bike have?
Me (annoyed cause I know where this is going): It is single gear (did I mention the bike is like 50 years old and there are pictures of it in the craigslist ad)
Girl #1: Oh I have a hill to pedal on near my house so I am going to need more than one gear, sorry I cant take it.
Me (pissed, cause I have dragged this bike into the back of my car at 6:30am that morning so I wouldnt be late to the train for the girl with no F*ing wheels): Thats not a problem, Good Luck with your search!

So I email girl#2 to tell her the bike is available, her reply -
Girl #2: I just bought a bike last night, sorry.

Damn damn damn.


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