Weigh-In Day ...Ok Ok I know I am late

So I bought this silicone egg poacher cups from Sur La Table. Because I fry my eggs and I really should be doing less of that. I think I am not doing it right because it cooked for over 10 min and the very top was still not done. 10 sec in the Microwave sealed the deal.
Honestly, Almond milk has basically replaced real milk in my house. Sometimes I buy real milk for a recipe if I need it. Use this for pancakes, its a mazing. I used it in my Chai this morning, then because its sweet I dont need to add sugar.

So I am on an antibiotic that makes me feel pretty sick all the time. I ate this morning because I knew I would need fuel to get me thru the morning but I was so not feeling it. I would say on the scale I started at a 5 (Neutral, not really full or hungry) and I finished at a 7(Hunger is def gone but I good def eat more)

Now I did weigh-in on friday:  139 pounds, 3 pounds down from when I started. and I didnt do any exercise last week because I had been sick. Just goes to show that only eating when you are hungry works. You just have to listen to your body.


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