09 July 2010

Exercise at what Time?!?!

So I have started to head out with CJ when he does his long runs on the weekend (he is training for a marathon). Because I clearly cannot run 7 miles (or half a mile).....(or across the street)....I take my bike. I love doing this. Riding a bike is fun and it reminds me of my childhood and it doesnt hurt that much of the trail we use is flat or slightly downhill.
Today he calls me at says, yeah if I am going to get my run in tomorrow, we need to go really early.

What is really early exactly? We already leave at 9am on a Saturday Morning! How much earlier does he want to go!?! I didnt even ask him on the phone for fear that it would depress me that rest of my day. I will continue under the illusion that I am still one of those people who can sleep in on the weekends.

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