08 July 2010

Nutritionist Visit

I just met with my new Nutritionist yesterday. After an hour long conversation, I have a few short term tasks to complete:

1. I am to get off the scale. I am only to weigh in once a week. Fat does not change day to day. Salt and dehydration do. Stop torturing myself.
2. I need to exercise. If I want to lose weight, then I am going to have to find ways to be active. Do stuff that I like, as "being active" is a life long pursuit. I have already been pretty active ( for me anyway) so I think I can handle this one.
3. STOP counting calories. It is clearly getting me nowhere.
4. I must keep a food log, she gave me a template where I have to graph my hunger. (it is much easier than it sounds)

I will write down what I eat and how hungry I was when I ate it and how satisfied I was when I finished.

The scale looks a little like this

0 – Starving and beyond -->10 – Thanksgiving Full

My goal is to eat at a 3 (I am hungry and the urge to eat is strong) and stop eating at a 7(Hunger is definitely, Stop here and you may not feel hungry again for 3 to 4 hours).

We also went over some ideas about what would be good breakfast and lunch ideas. She noticed that I am not eating enough in the first 8 hours of the day, so I need to beef that us and possibly eat a smaller dinner. I am to meet with her again on the 21st.

So here goes:
Breakfast: Scale: 4 (A little hungry. I can wait to eat but I know I will be getting hungrier soon

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