The Creative Genius of Food Blogs

I am not so good at creating meal ideas from scratch.I love finding the recipes of other good chefs than trying to actually make them my own. I find recipes so often on my favorite blog sites that I am actually contemplating getting rid of my cookbooks.

Lately I have been making recipes from a great site "Naturally Ella". Everything I seem to try comes out wonderful. 2 days ago, I made her Sweet Potato Spinach Mac and Cheese. It changed CJ's life. So much so that he ate it two days in a row! This is a pretty big deal because he NEVER eats leftovers. (Meanwhile, I would eat the same thing 5 days in a row, I have no issues there). I wish I had a picture to post of it but it just didn't last that long in my house. Although CJ has asked that this recipe become a weekly staple so I will try to post one next week.

I do make minor changes to the recipe sometimes based on what I have in my fridge. For instance, the Mac and Cheese recipe asked for mozzarella, parmesan ans asiago cheeses. I already had a giant bag of a mexican cheese blend from costco so I used that and sprinkled some parmesan on top. It worked.

My point here is that there are some amazing healthy chefs out there.All I do is find recipes that really look amazing and then try to reproduce them. Sometimes what seems like a really great recipe on paper translates into a kinda gross meal. I am happy to get you a heads up on those flops. But most times what seems like a really great recipe on paper translates into a really great meal. And that's what I want to bring to  the table here.

PS. I was snacking while I wrote this post. I recently found this yogurt on my local co-op:
Liberte Mediterranee.
I topped it off here with a little locally made maple almond granola.


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