I can't believe it...

Yesterday for dinner, CJ and I had pork chops (CJ hates pork chops, but I love them and since I cook, we shall continue to eat them), roasted portobella mushroom and red bell peppers and the Pièce de résistance was Annie's Organic chedder Mac and Cheese! Boy Oh boy, I love Mac and Cheese.
But it got me thinking to a few years back. I used to eat an entire box.....I repeat.....and Entire Box of mac and cheese all by myself. What should feed a a family of 4, I would eat alone. Somes I think how did I get here and other times, like today I say "Oh you know exactly how you got here".

So yesterday I was able to enjoy a little of what I love and I didnt break the calorie bank to do it.
Bravo Me!


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