The wheels on the bus...

I take the bus to work.

I am not a fan and I am annoyed most days.

But you know what makes me even more annoyed; this weird unspoken bus rule regarding the last row of seats on the bus.

Let me set it up for you:

On the Boston Buses, there are 5 seats across the very back. Inevitably, the bus fills up and people sit back here. The two end seats will get taken first. To get to these seats one must slide into them because of the additional seating on the bus. Then the very middle seat gets taken. So it looks something like this.

Now see that little sinister person sitting in the middle. Yeah, I know see you him. He is my problem. This is not the same person everyday. Man or woman, young or old. It doesn’t matter. The bus will get packed; everyone is standing where ever they can find a free spot and the only two free seats are on either side of him.

This becomes a problem because in order to get to these seats, you must scoot and slide into them. If someone wasn’t sitting in the middle this would be easy.

But wait! I know what you’re thinking, why doesn’t that person slide over so that two empty seats side by side are open for easier access. I agree my friends! I agree!

Alas, this never happens! Who ever is sitting in this middle seat will not budge. Apparently the unspoken bus rule is: If you sit in this middle seat, you must NOT MOVE AT ALL to accommodate any other passengers.

So people, such as myself are forced to SQUEEZE past them crawling over legs and hauling bags just so I can sit and read my book. Half the time, the middle seat occupant looks annoyed that he is being disrupted by having to lean over to let me by.

Well….I say…deal with it.

I hate that middle seat.


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